Sync Error Warnings...

On going on 2 different installs. Both are running Version 6.3.2 (Build 603.41003.100). Both Macs are on 11.5.1

I can't tell that anything is being affected as my mobile transactions are showing up. I submitted the error to Quicken but haven't seen a response yet. Curious if this is a local issue others may be having. The exact message is below.

Sync Error
Quicken ecountered and error while communicating with our servers.
Try again later. If the error persists, contact Quicken Support

Has anyone seen this or any ideas to resolve?
--Mickey A.


  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @cmalberto

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with syncing your Quicken Cloud. That is interesting you're getting it on two different installs. I'm wondering here if it might be something simple like needing to sign in and out of the program. 

    We should be able to quickly attempt this by going across the top left to Quicken > Sign out. From there we should just need to sign back in again to the program.

    Once you get a chance to try these steps, please let us know what you find.  From there we'll better understand our next steps/options.


    Quicken Francisco

  • cmalberto
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    That was a good idea...I tried it and getting the same sync error. :(
  • cmalberto
    cmalberto Member
    Also of note - my new transactions do not upload into the cannot see them in the mobile or However, if I create them on the mobile side, they will come down to the application on sync. Not sure that helps or not.
    --Mickey A.
  • slhcrnp
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    I also receive this message each time I update my accounts. Everything on my MAC seems to be OK. Not sure what the problem is.
  • dburgamy
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    Having same problem after 3 days, resetting the cloud/sync and signing out and back in.
  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for the updates and letting us know. It looks like we did find that some users were having repeated cloud sync errors on our end here recently and we are working on resolving those issues. An additional thing added is some of the users have been experiencing cloud errors from using a VPN as well. I'd recommend trying to turn off the VPN and seeing if we still are receiving errors if you are using one. In any case again we are working on a resolution. Thank you for your patience.

    Quicken Francisco
  • No VPN usage here..I did find this thread and tried unsyncing, resetting and re-syncing my cloud connection via this link -> - That helped some as now I only get 1 sync error to the Quicken Servers instead of 2.

    Is it possible to downgrade to the previous Mac release of quicken to see if that resolves or not - understanding there could have/may have been some underlying DB changes, etc that could prevent this?

    --Mickey A
  • jacobs
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    @cmalberto. It's unlikely that the latest update is the cause of your connectivity problems, because the changes weren't related to connectivity portions of the program. But there have been a lot of issues with various financial institutions and with Intuit (the service Quicken uses for connectivity) of late.

    That said, if you want to go back to the old version, you may have several options available.

    Each time you update Quicken, it moves the previous version of Quicken to your Trash and renames it with the build number. If you don't empty your Trash constantly, you might find it in there. Look for a file like "Quicken (602.39004.100).app" -- and if there are more than one like this, select the latest one by date or the highest build number. You can simply move this file out of the trash toy for Desktop, or to your Applications folder.

    In addition, each time you update Quicken, it creates a backup of your data file before installing the update. So you can look in your Quicken backups folder for the most recent auto-backup. (By default, if you haven't moved it, the backup folder is inside your Quicken folder, which by default is in Users > [your Mac account name] > Application Support > Quicken.)

    Alternatively, if you use a program to automatically back up your Mac, such as the Mac's built in Time Machine or an independent cloud-based service like iDrive or Backblaze, you should be able to step back in time and restore both the program and your data file from just prior to when you installed the latest update.

    If you are restoring backups via any of these means, be sure to retain the current application and data file somewhere in case the older version doesn't resolve your problem and you want to jump back to the current day. 
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  • same problem here - quicken for mac, for the last 3 days i've been getting the same sync errors. tried signing out and back in but that does not help. hope it's resolved soon.
  • So I did try running an previous version(Quicken (603.40939.100)). As expected, the same sync errors still occur. Bummer...Seems that none of my new transactions entered from my Mac are showing up in the mobile app and
  • So I finally gave up - Exported ALL transactions...created new file, reIMPORTED...reLINKED and all is well. I had to rebuild reports and budgets :( It took a number of hours to complete but now I am finished. Making initial backup as a recovery point. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if I had a way to export and reimport reports and budgets.
  • jarucco
    jarucco Member ✭✭
    I am receiving the same General Sync Error despite sign out/in and resyncing and it has been an ongoing problem for several days. Why has Quicken not resolved this yet, since it is obviously an issue based on the community chat!?
  • same error here too
  • QuickBW
    QuickBW Member
    I am receiving the error on each attempted sync. I have the latest versions of OS X and of Quicken installed.
  • cgreggo
    cgreggo Member
    Sorry, no additional info. Just chiming in with "me too!" and hoping this thread is updated when the fix drops so I get an email.

    Latest effort:
    1) Disable sync.
    2) Reset cloud account
    3) Logged out.
    4) Quit Quicken.
    5) Reset account password (yeah, unnecessary but it hadn't been changed for awhile :) )
    6) Started Quicken and logged back in.
    7) Reset cloud account again.
    8) Enabled sync.

    Sync Error - General Error
  • I am still receiving this error. I have updated Quicken. Should I do any of the other suggestions, Call Quicken support or just let Quicken fix?
  • Pete Creedon
    Pete Creedon Member ✭✭
    Getting the same error as well. It started when I changed the name of a few of my attachments. I reset my cloud, signed out, reconnected to all my banks, and still the same problem. I jump back and fourth from desktop and mobile all the time and there is nothing getting transferred back and fourth
  • DuaneB
    DuaneB Member
    Same error, every time I've updated accounts since switching from Quicken for Windows (using Parallels Desktop) to Quicken for Mac. I like the Mac version generally, but I may have to switch back if this error isn't fixed.
  • LazarB
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    Same problem. Does anyone know if these error messages are false; i.e., everything is actually syncing correctly? Despite the error messages, I don't notice any obvious discrepancies in my register.
  • Pete Creedon
    Pete Creedon Member ✭✭
    Mine are not. Very different registers when I use my iPad. I am sometimes away from my desktop quicken for a week or two. The iPad was perfect for this. Now not so much. Got to be a fix out there!
  • buschband
    buschband Member
    Same error here also, makes it difficult to run my business when I cannot update my accounts form my financial institution. What do we do next?
  • garysmith87
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    The latest Quicken Mac update seems to have uncovered some hidden data corruption in users files.  Most likely this is from a previous conversion from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac...maybe even from many years ago.

    The procedure to get rid of this error is to log out of your Quicken mobile app, and turn off Sync to Mobile in the desktop.  Then export a .qxf file and save it on your desktop.  

    Start a new Quicken Mac data file, and select Start a file from scratch.  Do NOT connect to Quicken mobile.  Then import the .qxf file.  Make sure you select the option Quicken Windows file .QXF.

    This may take some time.

    You'll have to reconnect your accounts for download, and recreate all saved reports, scheduled transactions and budgets.  You'll lose all attachments.  
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