When Chase Express Web Connect Plus is fixed, will Quicken post new instructions that work?

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It seems like there are a lot of users waiting until September 26 or until the issues are sorted out.


  • Chris_QPW
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    In my opinion you aren't going to really see a change in the process/instructions.  They might send out more messages, but that will be about it.


    Because the instructions are correct if the process works right for you.
    If the process doesn't work right for you then you are into troubleshooting what went wrong for your use case.  Now that will breakdown into different groups of problems that one might have FAQs for or such, but it really isn't the "new instructions that work".

    And some of that troubleshooting/workarounds are already being posted in these threads (but mostly by other users).
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  • Haapy
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    Thanks. I have copies all the solutions that worked into one document and will go through that to fin the commonalities. Will start with the Quicken solution, closer to the 26th. I only have one Chase card and it looks like those seem to be working. 
    BTW. I really appreciate all the effort and time that you have put into helping to make this work. Andy
  • Haapy
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    Today, 09/17/2022, I followed the original instructions and everything worked.  It did download 3 days worth of previously downloaded transactions which I deleted. All current and starting balances are correct.
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