Unable to login after purchase - I am out of the US - even tried with VPN (edit).

Good day, I purchased the Quicken deluxe yesterday to be able to use it online, on my windows and on my MacBook. Purchase went well, my card have been debited and I could download the app. But just moments later I could not log in anymore. Neither on the cloud, nor through the Windows or Mac client.

It keeps asking me to change my password, I do so, but then again I cannot login.


  • mjomo
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    I am out of the US - tried with VPN still get same error.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Have you tried a VPN connection to a US server? FWIW, Quicken is not supported for use outside of the US and Canada.

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    In case you're not aware, although your Quicken subscription allows you to download and use both the Windows and Mac versions of Quicken, you can't use them both on the same data; you'd need to have separate data files for each platform. There is a one-way conversion from Windows to Mac; the conversion from Mac to Windows doesn't really work (investment accounts don't transfer successfully).

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    FYI - Using Quicken outside of US/Canada is a roll of the dice.
    There have been many postings about “Bad Credentials” and other error situations…

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