Quicken Multi-factor Authentication Process Enhancement

Scott Saylor
Scott Saylor Member ✭✭✭

The MFA authentication process in Quicken is arduous enough without having to retype all the SMS codes received to authenticate. I submitted an enhancement for Quicken to auto populate the "ENTER CODE" after a MFA hs been requested via SMS.

This screenshot below displays the Quicken prompt for a MFA code and the incoming CODE received via SMS from WFB. The user needs to type the code into the Quicken prompt to complete the MFA script (for each MFA account being updated).

When logging into WFB Home Banking on Safari, going through the MFA process, Safari (or the Mac OS, not sure which) presents the code received via SMS as a possible entry "Fillcode #####." If the user selects the code from the Fill prompt, it automatically populates the "Code" prompt - WITHOUT HAVING TO RETYPE THE CODE.

Here's an example below. SELECT "Fill Code XXXX" and authentication continues.

This may not seem like a big deal but if you have multiple accounts using MFA, it takes a while to complete. This wouldn't help for those using MFA codes via email but I think most are using text messages.

QUICKEN ENGINEERING - GOT YOUR EARS ON? Anything to expedite the MFA process would help!


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