FAQ: A program to add the account name and type to QIF files so that Quicken will import them.

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The purpose of ImportQIF is to add the account name and type to a QIF file so that it can be imported into a Quicken account register.  With this information added to the QIF, Quicken will allow bypassing the current restrictions on what type of accounts Quicken will allow you to import a QIF file into.
It also has options for:
  1. Non US Dates (as in changing foreign dates to US dates).
  2. Common Decimal Mark (allows for an amount in the format 1.000.000,00 instead of the standard US format of 1,000,000.00).
  3. Swapping the payee and memo fields.
  4. The default is to register ImportQIF as the default QIF file handler, so that when you  open a QIF from your web browser or Windows Explorer, ImportQIF will be run and you can select one button to save a Converted.QIF file n your desktop.
  5. This part of this program is free for you to use as long as you like.
ImportQIF adds the advanced features of automatically importing the converted QIF file into Quicken and also to convert from OFX (MS Money),  CSV, XLS/XLSX (Excel) files into QIF files.  Please note that at present conversions from OFX are not supported for investment accounts.  Furthermore, OFX to QIF conversion is not supported on liability accounts.

Also note that starting with the Subscription version of Quicken, QIF imports no longer match existing transactions, but even more than that no processing is done, which means it also doesn't use your memorized payees to fill in the categories. There are workarounds in ImportQIF for the filling in of the categories, (not the match of transactions), but it might be best to do this with Quicken 2017 or earlier instead of Quicken subscription.

These new advanced features are not free.  You can try them out during the 30 day trial period, but if you want to use them past that point you will have to purchase a license.  If all you need is the original functionality that adds the account name and type to a QIF file for import into a Quicken account register, then you do not need to purchase a license.

Added a "transaction type" column to the CSV/XLS/XLSX mapping to handle data where there is a transaction type like debit/credit that makes the amount negative or positive based on this transaction type value.

Added Experimental, limited support for CSV/XLS/XLSX investment transactions to QIF conversion.
Added support for Short Sell and Cover for Short Sell, in CSV/Excel format.

Added option to change foreign dates to US dates.
Added option to change amounts in the format 100.000,00 to 100000.0, which Quicken needs.
Added option to swap payee and memo fields.
Added option to map the security names to different names.
Added option to compute the security price instead of the fees, or to compute neither.

Added option to ignore certain investment transactions.
Added option to map certain investment transactions to the "Remove Shares" action in Quicken.

PLEASE NOTE this is a program I wrote to help Quicken users, it is not an Intuit product.
Use the following web site for support:
You can download ImportQIF and get support from here:

Also this is a Windows only program.  I do not have a Mac, so I can not produce a Mac program.


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