FAQ: How do you delete duplicate Flex Spending entries attached to single deduction in Paycheck?

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I have set up Flex Spending account deductions in my Pay Check under Pre-Tax Deductions. This "split" amount is automatically transfered as a deposit to associated Flex Spending account which shows up under Property and Debt accounts.

Here is the problem:

Somehow duplicate "deposits" have been transferred to the Flex Spending account from my Pay Check entry. The duplicates are attached to a single pay check as a split amount. In one instance there are three (3) entries in my Flex Spending account attached to one (1) Pay Check. When I try to delete any of the three duplicates I get this message for each:

MESSAGE: "This transaction is a transfer to a split and cannot be deleted here."

As one of my attempts to reconcile I deleted the split within Pay Check and then tried deleting the entries in the Flex Spending account. I still get the same message informing me that I can't delete the entry.

As a side note, I know an easy work around is manually creating new transactions in my Flex Spending account to offset the duplicate and hence balance the account but in this case I need to delete the duplicate.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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    "Cut" the paycheck transaction.

    Go to the Flex account and "delete" the (now) orphaned transfer.

    Return to the account where you cut the paycheck transaction, and "paste" the paycheck transaction.

    ["Cut transaction(s)" and "Paste transaction(s)" are in the right-click menu and the Edit > Transaction menu.]
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