FAQ: Converting from Quicken for Windows (including any version < QW2010) to Quicken for Mac

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How do you convert from Quicken for Windows (any version) to Quicken for Mac?

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    NOTE: As of June 16, 2016, the intermediate version to enable conversion from QWin older than QW98 has been permanently removed. You will need to obtain QW6 if you are able to find it. Otherwise, you are advised to start a new data file.

    Before you start, be aware of data that will and will not carry forward:

    Also more details here: https://qlc.intuit.com/questions/974095

    Some data not mentioned above that will not carry forward include:
    • Currency conversion data, as QM2016 does not have true multi-currency capability
    • Investment data: Lots are carried forward BUT specific lot handling is not. QM2016 currently only handles FIFO or LIFO.
    • Investment data: ESPP and Incentive Stock options will transfer over as a standard holding (without tax-related information such as strike price). 
    • Investment data: Certain transaction types are not transferred and need to be eliminated ('combination' investment transactions such as BuyX, SellX, RtnCapX; related to linked investment/cash accounts...see next bullet)
    • Chequing Accounts Linked to Brokerage Accounts; these do not exist in QM2016. You have to unlink them first to revert to a single brokerage account. See this article to change certain transaction types BEFORE converting: http://www.quicken.com/support/convert-investment-data-quicken-windows-quicken-mac

    Depending on which version of Quicken for Windows you are converting, the process requires that you perform up to 3 data conversions, some on your Windows PC first.

    NOTE: Be aware that at this time, it is very difficult to convert back from Mac to Windows, as there are many problems with the reverse conversion process.

    CAVEAT: Though Quicken Inc. no longer officially supports converting from data files older than QW2010., it is still technically feasible. If your data format is older than QW2010, it is still highly advisable that you use an intermediary version like QW2013 to avoid future problems. However, many have done so without a problem, but be aware of the potential risk.

    UPDATE: as of Mar 16, 2016, Quicken Inc. supports converting from QW2004 and up, again.

    1/ If your data format is from QW2003 or older, convert to QW2004 format. Info is found at this link:


    2/ If your data format is from QW2004 (including from step 1) to QW2009, there are several options:
    • If you are converting to QM2016 v3.2.1 or newer, go to step 3 directly. 
    • If you are using QM2016 v3.1 from the Mac Apple Store (MAS), you could update it to v3.2.1 or higher, then go to step 3. 
    • Otherwise, continue reading step 2 to convert to QW2010 format. 
    You may also try asking tech support if they will convert your data for you.

    *** It seems that Quicken Inc. MAY have ceased providing QW2010 via tech support. There are 3 alternatives: 
    1. skip this step and go to step 3). Technically, the converter in step 3 should be able to convert the QW2004 data or newer directly.
    2. Search the internet for a copy of QW2010. 
    3. purchase QW2016, which will also convert data from QW2004 and higher, then continue to step 3. You can then request a refund for QW2016 within 60 days of original purchase here: http://www.quicken.com/contact-support
    (The converters in step 3 are simply stripped down versions of the current version of Quicken for Windows).

    3/ If your data format is from QW2010 or newer (including from step 2), convert to Mac format. 
    This step depends on which version of Quicken for Mac you are using.

    (Technically, the following should be able to convert QW2004 or newer data directly but the above caveat applies).
    • If you are using QM2016 v3.2.1 or higher (regardless of where you bought it) OR you are using QM2016 v3.1.0 AND you did NOT purchase Quicken from Apple (MAS), the converter from QW2004 or higher is built in. Move your data over to your Mac and follow these directions:
    NOTE: This converter requires Windows Vista or newer. It is NOT compatible with Windows XP.
    Once the final conversion is done, you bring the data over to your Mac and open it with QM2015/2016. 
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    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

    (Canadian  user since '92, STILL using QM2007)

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