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I just installed Quicken Rental Manager. Quciken does not download the Cost basis or purchase dates for investments which are few months old. The only cost basis is for trades done in last one month.
How can I download all the previous trades information?


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    Financial institutions vary on the on the number of months of transactions they keep for downloading, but one month sounds short. What FI are you downloading from?
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    Got it. I thought, if I can see the information in FI webpage, I can download the same. Looks like what it downloads is different.
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    For a download initiated from within Q, a 30-90 days backward limit is customary.  The range is set by the financial institution, NOT by Q.

    Sometimes, you can download older transactions if you initiate the download directly from the bank/card/brokerage/etc's website and then import it using FILE, File Import, Web Connect (QFX) file ...

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