I have many split deposits and use the memo line to track the payee. How do I get this to show up i

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I need a report that will show my memo line for split deposits.  How do I create that?


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    I don't know.  But one way you should be doing is to set up an intermediate holding account.  Set up an account and call it something like Checks Received or Undeposited Payments. Then enter the payments into it. Then when you make the deposit to your bank account you transfer the total deposit amount to the new account. That way when you download your bank transactions the deposit will match.  Or you should use the holding account if you receive payments in one year (like in Dec) but don't make the deposit until the next year (like Jan.).

    You don't run to the bank each time you get a check.  So you need a holding account so you can show the income when you received it.  Then you wait until you get a bunch of checks to go to the bank.
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    Thanks for the accounting advice.  Anyone know how to build a report that includes the memo line?
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    Thanks for the accounting advice.  Anyone know how to build a report that includes the memo line?

    The Banking, Transactions report shows the memo line.
    BUT, if you use that intermediate account method, you can just report from there and show the Payee in the Payee field.
    THEN, the single deposit from the intermediate account to your bank account will just be a simple transfer of money and not a record of "who did I do business with".
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    Hi @ Nicole Fierce ,

    If you told us which Quicken Product you are using, you could receive a more accurate answer.

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    As mentioned, just launch a payee report, click the Customize star wheel and make sure Memo is checked. Trouble is I don't think you can sort or subtotal by memo. The intermediate account should work. (I would have to test to be sure is all.) What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish? If all you want is to see a memo line just split the deposit and enter a memo on each split line. The problem is reports. This is where the intermediate account might help.
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