How to stop combining investment dividend / purchase transactions

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When I get investment equity dividend transactions followed (on a later date) a purchase of that equity, and I don't get a chance to download the transactions before both arrive, Quicken automatically merges them into a single Reinvestment transaction.

Although the net effect is correct, this creates reconciliation problems when the dividend arrives at the end of the month, and the purchase occurs at the beginning of the next month.  My cash balance (for that equity is wrong) at the end of the month, so it doesn't match the month-end statement.

In order to 'fix' it so that I can reconcile these accounts, I have to manually add a dividend income transaction for the month-end date, then change the 'ReInvDiv' transaction to a 'Buy' transaction.

Is there a way to 'turn off' the automatic merging of these two types of transactions?

I am running Quicken Home & Business 2016 on Windows 10.




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    This never happens with my accounts and I don't see an option for this in Quicken.

    What is the Financial Institution? My guess is that they are doing this in the downloaded data and thus the only way to change it would be a change or option at their end.
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    Thanks, Jim.  This actually happens with multiple investment institutions.  I've actually 'tested' it by seeing the dividend transactions downloaded and I deliberately didn't accept them.  A couple of days later (after the 'Buy' transactions were downloaded, the transactions were 'merged' into ReinvDiv tranactions.  Charles Schwab is the one where I notice it the most, but there are others.

    I appreciate the reply.
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    Behavior with three brokers I have noted:

    Schwab - If you download the day of the dividend (and accept the Div) and the day after the Div, it sets up a "Buy" transaction. If you wait 2 days, it presents a ReinvDiv transaction.

    TD - Automatically presents a ReinvDiv transaction.

    Fidelity - Automatically presents a ReinvDiv transaction.

    I like the Div/Buy option, I spend a lot of time modifying transactions.
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