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I never update my investments before about 6:30 PM and often as late as 11:00 PM.  But, when I again update the investments the next morning, they often change.  I'm aware of the ex dividend change.  Anyone know what's going on with this?


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    I have the same issue. I have individual bonds, which I think valued over night . This will change the value over night.
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    Stock and ETF prices update during the day while the market is open. Most mutual funds update their NAV by about 7PM Eastern time. Sometimes they are delayed.

    If you go to an Investing/Portfolio view and look at the Quote/Price column, there will be a little clock at the left for any quote that has not updated today. If you mouse over the little clock you can see a popup that shows the last day the price was updated.
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    they often change.
    I think you are going to have to determine more closely what "they" are.  Stocks, bonds, MF, ETF's, etc.  I would print out an applicable portfolio view in the evening and then compare that to the next days information.

    Secondly, you may need to determine from where the changed values are coming from.  The two sources from a One-Step Update would be either Quicken's Download Quotes server or the Download from your brokerage.  By doing the OSU in the morning an on more selective basis, you should be able to see which source is presenting different data at a later data. 

    I have found some brokerages may not have their end-of-day transactions and holdings fully prepped for download until later in the evening (and possibly not until the wee morning hours).   
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    I vote with q.lurker.  I never expect to see anything from Fidelity that reflects market closing until after 3AM the next day.  Fidelity is pretty big so I have always assumed they follow some standard.
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    I followed the suggestion of a.lurker and printed out the portfolio value report on the morning of 11/11/2017.  I had updated the portfolio the previous evening at 8:12 PM and I again updated it when I got up this morning.  The value decreased by $363.80 and both changes were in ETFs:  Vanguard Total International STK ETF (VXUS) decreased by $197.34 while Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETF (VCIT) decreased by $166.06.  That only comes to $363.40; the additional $0.40 cents was in individual stocks.  I also noted another problem that has been occurring with some frequency: Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index Fund ETF Shares (BSV)  correctly showed a decrease but the "Price Day Change" field was blank.  I get the field to fill in by going to Price History and clicking on edit.  The other two stocks which this seems to happen on are both a result of corporate spin offs: DXC Technology Company and Micro Focus International PLC... Both of the latter two stocks were correct this morning, though.
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    I updated my portfolio last night at 8:04 PM and again this morning at 8:23 AM.  This time, the "Day Gain/Loss" went down by $1,024.69!  My overall Net Worth didn't change, though.  The changes appear to be again mostly in ETF stocks.  The Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETF (VCIT )in the "Day Gain/Loss" field went from $110.57 to $308.34, the "Price Day Change" going from $0.08 to $0.28.  That $0.20 difference accounted for the jump in price.  Similarly, the Vanguard Total International STK ETF (VXUS) went from -$197.36 to $749.92, the "Price Day Change" field changing from -$0.05 to $0.19.  This is frustrating, to say the least!  If anyone knows what is going on, I'd appreciate hearing it!
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