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  • James CA
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    Quicken staff are capable of explaining why they do or don't do something, so guesses such as some version of "they are too busy" don't cut it. If they are too busy working on other features, then maybe they need to hire more staff. The serious investment report deficiencies have now gone on for years. As noted by SVanDee Quicken has the data and algorithms. So why can't we have customizable dates for investment reports so, for example, so we could get the ROI for the life of a particular stock. Why can't we get portfolio reports for 20 months or 10 years? Seriously, how much staff time could it possibly take to enable these tweaks?
  • jacobs
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    James CA said:
    Quicken staff are capable of explaining why they do or don't do something
    None of the moderators here are privy to the thinking inside the development team, so they actually can't provide a "why" answer. The product manager, Marcus, posts here occasionally - each time there is a new release -- and while he doesn't explain everything they are doing or where things are on the development roadmap, he occasionally answers a question which gives insight into their plans. You might try posting your question in the new 6.4 release thread to see if he'll respond.

    James CA said:
    Seriously, how much staff time could it possibly take to enable these tweaks?
    I have no idea, but I suspect it's more than a little "tweak". 
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  • jon857
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    Sorry but the need for a MAC IRR report is obvious. My gosh it was a standard report in QM2007. The token tool in the portfolio window does not provide an answer to meet the need. Maybe instead of adding fancy page graphics & other window dressing to QM2022 subscription some development time should be dedicated to this and the rest of the suite of investment reports. This is after all why we now pay a yearly subscription fee so that these needs can be addressed in a timely;y fashion for a change.
  • jacobs
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    @jon857 Can you explain more what you're looking for in an IRR report beyond what you can get from the four IRR values available in the Portfolio? Is it just about being able to define the date range, or something else? 

    By the way, I agree that creating new investments reports, which can have date ranges and other parameters set, and can be saved like other reports, is highly desirable. The problem with assuming that because Quicken is now an annual subscription and they should address such a need is that they have over 600 user-requested features from this forum alone, so whatever features they do add make some people happy and others unhappy. It's hard to be patient with the slow pace of change, but over time, hopefully, everyone sees some of their top wishlist items addressed.
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  • Tom Tolles
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    Hi Jacobs,

    Yes, there a few additions to the current IRR reporting. First and foremost, I want to be able to define the date range. For instance, I want to compare the performance of Investment A vs. Investment B over same period or over different periods. In both cases, the time range of interest may be different than the pre-determined ranges in the Portfolio Window.

    Separately, I would also like to get IRR for closed out positions so that I can compare an investment made in the past compared to a current one.

    It is frustrating knowing the data is all contained inside of Quicken for Mac. I know I can export all of the data out to excel and run an XIRR command though that process is both clunky and full of its own little challenges.

    Thank you,
  • Credentialed
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    The core issue here is not being able to have a complete view of total investment performance, including dividends, interest, distributions, etc... I was on Quicken Windows for a long time and this was covered there. Switched to Mac and now the Quicken Subscription for Mac lacks all of these features. I have had to subscribe to in order to get all the features I used to have. Really annoying.
  • dal68
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    Can't even get gain/loss report when sell stock? - when will Quicken for Mac add reports that are available in Quicken Windows?
  • jacobs
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    You can indeed get many investment reports in Quicken Mac, but it's un-intuitively not through Reports — you do it via the Portfolio screen. If you're looking for Realized Gains YTD, in the left sidebar, select the specific account, or account group (e.g. Brokerage or Retirement), or all investment accounts by clicking Investing. Click on the Portfolio tab. Set the filters to Realized Gain and By Security. The table should show any realized gains. You can print this as a report. (This works for any calendar year, depending on the "as of" date, so if you wanted to see your gains from 2021, se the date to 12/31/21)

    Another approach is to use the Tax Schedule report tp show your Short- and Long-Term capital gains. This allows you to cover any period of time by supplying a start and end date. It defaults to open taxable accounts (e.g. brokerage, not retirement, accounts, and no closed accounts), but you can change which accounts are included in the report set-up. (The Tax Schedule report by default includes a lot of data you may not want to see at this time, like dividend and interest income; you can eliminate these extraneous items by limiting the Categories in the report.) The long-term capital gains from security sales will show up in the Schedule D section of the report.

    That said, of course the developers can… and should… and hopefully will… make it easier to generate and save investment reports. I'm just trying to help you get the data you want with the tools we currently have. ;) 
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