QM 2007 to QM Deluxe 2018 - double-up value in investments, calendar

(1) I am having what I believe to be a duplication issue; and (2) I would really like to know if there is documentation.  I've been on Quicken forever, but held off upgrading from QM 2007 until now.  Currently, I am just running QM2007 and QM Deluxe 2018 in parallel.  While I am SO unfamiliar with the look and feel of 2018, I know one day it will make sense.  The calendar is just not as intuitive as 2007 - I don't like seeing both sides (accounts) of the entry.  But, my bigger issue is that I liked importing the 2007 investment transactions from Fidelity using a .qif file.  I get it, it doesn't work that way anymore.  But when I update my Fidelity accounts in 2018, I end up with about twice the balances that show in 2007.  Any clues as to what is happening?  Can I update based on filters or thresholds or time periods?  Here is #2:  Is there a Tutorial or PDF documentation that I can pretend as if I am starting from scratch to learn 2018?  I just want to 'read the owner's manual' and then proceed.


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