Investment Accounts a mess.

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Quicken for Windows 2018. I'm wondering how to start fresh. My investment accounts are a mess after updating/uploading from brokerage. Some info appears to have doubled and lots of unspecified securities etc. Can I delete and redo, can I transfer only gross balance (I have details within my brokerage account). Any suggestions appreciated.


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    You have a couple of options:

    1. If this is an account you recently opened (with 60-90 days) just delete it and start over.

    2. If you have a clean month-end reconciliation somewhere then delete all transactions after that and re-input them. You will probably have to do this manually.

    3. You can start a new account with Q and transfer your positions and cash to it.
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    If all you want to achieve here is the correct number of shares with those share's "overall" basis properly stated then I'd say start a new investment Account.  In that new investment Account you can do a series of "Add-Shares Added" transactions to enter the correct number of shares and use a "Price paid per share" that brings the basis in line with the brokerage is reporting.  It's almost irrelevant what date you use in the "Date Acquired" box at this point. 

    All that will accomplish is to allow you to "balance" both Market Value and Cost Basis with the brokerage account's information.  (You might even want to make these entries over the weekend just to avoid any confusion caused by intervening transactions.)

    Then you hide that original Account in Quicken.

    You should be able to activate the new Account for online services but you certainly want to specify that "Automatic entry" is OFF.  If you don't then you'll be back in the soup with your first download.  You may have to delete a bunch of "old" entries when you do that first download.
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    Thanks, where do I find the OFF button for automatic entry?
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    Bill said:

    Thanks, where do I find the OFF button for automatic entry?

    For just that account, Edit the Account and on the Online Services tab there is an option there to disable Automatic Entry.

    For a Global selection:

    Preferences>Downloaded transaction>After downloading transactions has two selections there.

    I started off with the Auto Accept because it was the default, but have since disabled it.
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