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Catherine Shenoy
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I have Quicken-Premier 2018. Version: R6.11. Build:

I have several small sales to correct an over-payment to my account.
Here's an example:
The total sale is 10.40, but the Cash added is only 8.21
I'm thinking I should not record these as sales since they are decreasing the cash in the account and decreasing the shares. I don't see the best way to record. Perhaps Remove shares and then transfer cash out? 

Any ideas? Thanks


  • Tom Young
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    I think you're looking at an Investment Transaction report and are confused about by the presentation.  The Investment Transaction report is telling you that you realized $10.40 in cash comprising your basis in the stock - $8.21 - plus gain of $2.19.  $8.21 + $2.19 = $10.40.  The minus $8.21 is referring to your decrease in your investment - the $8.21 of basis that went away with the sale.

    Go look at the actual Account in which the transaction took place.  I'm confident that over there you'll see a cash increase of $10.40.
  • Sherlock
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    In the example provided, the cash in the account did not decrease.  It increased the cash in the account by  $10.40 ($8.21 + $2.19).   The transaction in the report is presented on multiple lines to provide additional details.
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