Why aren't one security quotes downloaded for two weeks?

Steve Koopman
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DODGX security quotes are not being updated for two weeks since March 9 so I need to find what is causing Quicken to not download quotes for this security.


  • Tom Young
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    I have that fund and I haven't had that issue.  Do you hold that fund inside a brokerage account or directly with Dodge & Cox? 

    When you select "One Step Update Settings", scroll down to "Download Quotes and Investment Information" and click on "select quotes" that fund is included for download?
  • Steve Koopman
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    Hi, we hold this DODGX fund inside a brokerage account.  I just checked the latest quote in that brokerage website and its accurate and up-to-date as well as those shown in Mint.com.  The rest of the funds in that account are being updated daily or whenever I access our Quicken software. I tried to do this security download as you suggested, but the result remains unchanged for DODGX.  So it seemed that there's a bug somewhere within the Quicken system.  I have never seen this error happen like this before since I began using Quicken in 1995 or 96. 

    I went back in Quicken Premier and fiddled around with securities and discovered that DODGX was not listed in the Multiple Security Chart list, even when we have had this DODGX security for 2 years this month. I then opted to clear that list and added DODGX just for testing purposes.  Apparently that helped as I then saw that quotes for DODGX got downloaded at last.

    Got to thinking, is there an absolute limit of securities that can be listed in the multiple securities chart-list?? I do think there is a limit... if so, what is this limit??

    Appreciated your help, Tom.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Can you explain what you mean by the Multiple Security Chart list? Is that an Investment Portfolio view, or something else?

    If the quotes have not been downloading, go to Tools/Security List make sure Download Quotes is checked for that security.
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  • Steve Koopman
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    Jim, I went into Tools/Security List as you suggested and found that security wasn't on the list. I just poked around that list trying to figure what is causing that security to be missing and just checked that Show hidden securities checkbox out of curiosity and discovered that one missing security was indeed hidden (how did it get checked as hidden in the first place -- I don't know but I think I meant to check the Dow Jones as hidden earlier this month but checked that one security to be hidden by mistake). So problem solved. Thank you so much for assisting me, guys!  :)  ('Multiple Securities Chart' list is what I found early Sunday morning but cannot find it now -- this really puzzled me but I know it's not the Investment Portfolio view).  I must have gone really deep into Quicken Premier that I did not know it existed like the Tools/Security List.
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