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I have a mutual fund that is listed as a brokerage account. It was converted from another company that merged, so it became a brokerage account although it is just a regular mutual fund. I cannot change that. Somehow it got the idea that it has a considerable cash balance, although really it's just a simple mutual fund with no cash balance. I want to eliminate the cash balance. Quicken help says there should be an "Update cash balance" choice under the account actions; however, I don' see one. Any idea why, or what I can do to eliminate this cash balance? I understand that I can't eliminate the cash balance field in my register; but can I at least zero it out? I am using Quicken Deluxe for Windows, the new release. Thank you.


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    Hey TVZ,

    To give you the best answer we need a little bit more information.

    Are you using Windows or Mac?

    What edition and version are you currently running?

    -Quicken Tyka
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    It's Quicken Deluxe for Windows R6.12, Tyka. Thnx for your interest.
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    In the account register click on the down arrow next to the gear icon. There should be an "update cash balance" item listed right below Reconcile.
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    That was easy! Thanks Bob!
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    Reference to this question..Why are you having a cash balance? It is my understanding that mutural funds should not have a cash balance.If you do have cash balances when you are not supposed to,what has gone wrong?
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    Nothing has gone wrong. A brokerage account (not a "Single Mutual fund" account) can hold multiple securities, not just one mutual fund. Uninvested money in the account may be shown as a Cash balance. This could be the proceeds of a sale, dividends that have not been reinvested, money that has been transferred into the account but not invested yet, etc.

    Sometimes the brokerage will "sweep" the cash into a money market fund, often called the settlement fund, and the cash will be shown there.

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