Add Ability to Scroll through (and Edit?) Split data in "Child" Transfer Transactions (10 Votes)

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The current issue is that when creating a transaction with splits that includes a Transfer (called the "parent" transaction), it is not possible to view all the details of the "child" transaction that is created on the other side of the transfer entry, because the entire "child" transaction is locked, so that clicking on any field generates the following error:

This is a problem especially when the data is longer than the width of the display field, e.g. categorization, list of tags, memo field, etc.

It would be much better if Quicken for Mac handled it more like QM2007 such that only the FIELDS were locked instead and then present a dialog like this:

This would allow clicking in a field and scrolling left and right to see the entire contents of a field.

Please implement the above change.

One step better would be to allow editing the child transaction in place and keeping the fields in the parent transaction in sync, especially for fields like 'category' (except for the "Transfer" part), 'tags', 'memo', etc. 

Clearly, it still makes sense to always lock the 'date' and 'amount' fields and requiring that these data fields be edited only in the parent transaction. 

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