When new Stock/Bond added Quicken losses it....

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When I add a new stock or bond (new defined as never been added to the current or any other portfolio in the current Quicken file before) I enter the date, the action then I enter to stock or bond another window comes up and I select the appropriate item, click Next, then another window opens (see attachment) I select Done and I am back at the investment register BUT the new stock is GONE.  If I reenter the date and the Stock then it selects it and all is well.  It would sure be nice if it was saved in the register the first time.  This has been happening for as long as I can remember and it should be fixed...image


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    I've noticed that, too. 
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    Just to be clear, this happens when you try to buy a new security directly in the Transaction list. If you click on Enter Transactions then Buy and enter a new symbol in the Security name box, it seems to work OK (in QWin 2018 at least)
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    Yes, this happens when I try to add a new security in the investments register.  If I click the Enter Transactions button it works as it should.  Both methods should work properly.  I enter in the register because I am already there entering other transactions manually.
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