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Can Quicken Home and Business handle Principle Protected Notes and if so, how do you setup such securities, i.e. Type, Exchange, etc.


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    A Principle Protected Note Is not really a "security" type that Quicken has built into it, but you can always create that as a security type, if you wish.  You might also wish to simply use one of the built in security types - "Bond", "Stock", etc. - based in the index it's measured against.  I'd probably just use the generic "Other" unless you plan to have a lot of these in your portfolio. 

    These types of securities are referred to as "Structured products" in the world of finance because they are purpose-built to be sold, and I really do mean "SOLD", to people. 

    If it's publicly traded and has a ticker symbol - not too likely - you can indicate that when you set it up and Quicken probably will include it in it's download of daily quotes.  If it's not publicly traded but the issuer makes a market in the product you can simply manually change the "price" from time to time.
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    Thanks for your reply Tom.

    The Principle Credit Notes I have are public and listed on the TMX (Montreal Stock Exchange).

    I will follow your advise, i.e. set them up as a stock and see if I can get a price update.

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