For investments, Account Overview or Investing Portfolio view with Show Closed Lots, all sold rows a

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This is the same issue as described at . That issue does not appear to be resolved, and it's still happening to me.

Go to an investment account, select Holdings. Select settings/gear menu > Show Closed Lots. View a security with more than one lot sold. Each sold lot shows the data from the first sold lot, duplicated over and over again.

I've tried File Operations > Copy, Validate and Repair, including all options in that dialog. Nothing changes. I also tried opening a backup file from 2 years ago. Same problem. This definitely used to work, although I can't pinpoint when it last worked. I only noticed it when I wanted to use its functionality today, which is how I know that it used to work.

I even created a brand new file, and only added some sample transactions. The problem still occurs. So it is not file-related.

Please help me Quicken, you're my only hope.

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