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I am trying to see if anyone has been able to categorize the proceeds from sale of investment.  For example, I am tracking my 529 account, but when I go to take funds out to pay for tuition (which I send directly to school vs. putting in my account first then paying), I am not able to classify the sale/removal value of shares to any category.  Am I missing something or has someone found a workaround to include this cost in a category such that it will be included in a budget.  Thanks in advance!


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    QWin or QMac?

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    Using Quicken for Windows R10.11 I had no problem selling a security and then classifying that dollar amount using a Category I selected.  This was all done within an Account with an Account type of "529 Plan".

    You'll need to explain better what you mean by "not able to classify any any category."  How are you trying to do this?  What happens to prevent the transaction from being recorded properly?
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    Even if you have checkwriting on the security, you should enter a Sell in Quicken (not Remove) then then a separate Withdraw or WriteChk to send the cash to the college.

    Note that a Sale does not get a category. It is the withdrawal of the proceeds that gets the category.

    Also make sure the investment account is included in any customization of your budget report, and that the Category is included in your budget.
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