is there a way to download transactions from Computershare into Quicken 2018

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Downloading Computershare investments


  • Jim_Harman
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    There is no way that I am aware of.

    And managing reinvested dividends manually in a Computershare account when I did it several years ago was difficult because they track share quantities to 6 decimal places. 
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  • Unknown
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    That's what I figured.  I emailed Aqua America (stock handled by Computershare).  He told me it couldn't be downloaded into quicken, but could be downloaded into Excel, which it cannot.
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  • GeoffG
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    I had two stocks with Computershare up until a few years ago.  It was a very manual and tedious process entering and reconciling dividends.  I would up transferring the stocks to a much larger more service oriented investment provider and could not be happier.  You do have the option to transfer stocks to another institution without selling the stock if you choose to.  So no capital gains tax.
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    GeoffG - I didn't know that since the stock I purchased was set up in Computershare back in the late 90's.  Thank you so much for the advice.  
  • dca2038
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    I just purchased Quicken and as I am setting up my accounts found that Computershare is not able to download.  I will probably ask for a refund since 5 of my stocks are managed by Computershare and so not want to manually insert transactions.  What good is a money management software in these times that cannot update automatically?
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