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In a recent transition to a new account, I had duplicate entries and used the Update Share Balance to zero several (5) accounts, achieving correct Net Worth/Investment values, but losing the associated historical cost data of the zero'd account. How is the best way to undo that action so that I can recover the associated history and then transfer information to the new account.  I really just need advice on how best to undo my Update Share Balance entry as I know how to do the  transfer.  I am using Premier 2018 R  Thanks for any advice.


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    I would think you would need to restore a backup from before the Update Share Balance. There is no "UnDo" function in  Quicken.
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    If you don't have a recent backup handy, first create one in case something goes wrong, then

    -- Make sure Placeholders are visible by going to Edit > Preferences > Investment transactions. Make sure "show hidden transactions" is checked. This will display the placeholders that your Adjust Share Balance transactions created in your Transaction List (register).

    -- The number of shares in the placeholders will adjust to force the share balance to whatever you set on the placeholder date. Your objective is to reduce the placeholder adjustments to zero.

    -- If the discrepancy was caused by duplicate transactions, delete the duplicates and the placeholders should eventually hit zero. If it was caused by something else, correct or add any Buy, Sell, Add, Remove, etc transactions as needed.

    -- Once a placeholder is zero, you can safely delete it and your share balances should still be correct.

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    Thank you very much Jim.  Following your steps, I got back to where I needed to be to start over and transfer shares as appropriate. Problem solved. Thanks again, Keith 
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