Quicken 2018 does not have drop down menu to reflect Investment account fees?

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I cannot find a Quicken 2018 drop down menu item that will permit me to manually enter a Investment account maintenance fee? I get a statement from Pacific Life that shows 'x' number of shares sold at 'y' price for a "GMWB Fee" (account maintenance fee) but cannot enter it as an investment expense - only as an 'adjustment to shares' (then a note in the action box the price of each share used in the 'adjustment).  Is there a dropdown item I am missing or misinterpreting that will allow for this, or is a menu item missing from Quicken 2018? 


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    If you were doing a buy or sell there would be a field in that to enter the "Commision" which could be used for any fees.  But since you are just doing a share balance adjustment there isn't a field for it there.

    All you need to do is enter a transaction for a Misc Expense.

    There you would put in the security it is associated with (if it has one), and the amount of the fee.
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    First you enter the sale of X shares and the amount of the fee as the Total sale amount. To avoid roundoff problems, let Quicken calculate the price per share, which should be close to the price on your statement. This will add cash to your account balance.

    Then enter a Misc Expense for the fee, assigning it to an appropriate Category.
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