Add Ability to Include $0 (zero) Transactions in Reports in Quicken for mac (12 Legacy Votes)

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In QM2007 and QWin, both the Category/Transaction Detail Reports and Summary Reports include all transactions that have a value of $0. This is because they reflect activity in a category

There are many valid use cases to include $0 (zero) transactions. It is a great omission to not have this capability. Please add this in Quicken for Mac.

If you want to preserve the functionality to exclude these transactions then at least make it an option to either include them or not. I recommend that including them be the default, like in QM2007 and QWin.

To be clear, entries on reports for $0 should only be if there is a/are transaction(s) within a category. So on a Summary report, a $0 entry would indicate that the sum of transactions is $0, not that there are no transactions, again just like QM2007 and QWin handle this.

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