how to create an investment account Cash balance only graph

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I am trying to create a graph that shows the cash balance over the last year (by week) for an investment account. I can create a graph for the total value but not just the cash. Once I delete the holdings, the report shows all zeros.


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    Yes this is weird. I assume you are running QWin 2019 R15.18

    The straightforward way to do this would be to show the Net Worth and Balances > Account Balances report, Date range = Last 12 months, Interval = Week, select the desired account and the only security as  "No Security (includes cash)"

    What I am seeing for an account that carries a cash balance is the starting balance for every week until the last, jumping up to the current value at the last data point.

    If I also select a security that has activity in the account but has 0 shares over the past year, it looks like the graph is correct.

    Does this match what you are seeing? 
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    Thanks Jim. In the Securities tab, clearing all and then selecting the "No Security (includes cash)" did the trick. I didn't know that existed. Plus, on my screen, the column wasn't wide enough to see the '(includes cash)'.

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