The Investing-Allocations tab doesn't match the Reports-Investing-Investment Asset Allocation report

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I'm using Quicken Deluxe 2019 R16.14 on Windows 8

I want to look at my investment allocations through the Investing-Allocations tab.  Unfortunately, that tab only shows about one-third of my investments (i.e., the total value is way off).  On the other hand, the Reports-Investing-Investment Asset Allocation report shows everything.

Note:  I have the Investing-Allocations tab options set to All Accounts and All Securities.  The difference is definitely not cash. 

What is causing the difference?  How do I fix it?


  • Tom Young
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    Look at Account Intent.  I think they all have to be "Investment" to show up in that report.
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    Also on the allocations tab you sometimes have to re-select the accounts and securities a couple of times to get it to select properly
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