Canadian Home & Business Edition - Rental property manager not included

I just got Quicken Home & Business but Canada version does not have rental property manager option on it.
I called support and was told that it is not available in Canada yet.
Any tips on best way to set up tenants, etc for rental property without that rental property manager? I am hoping to make it work before going for a refund.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    It all depends on how many tenants you have and how elaborate you need the rental property tracking to be. I have 6 tenants and have never needed specific Rental Property features. So, it just depends on what your volume is and what you want to accomplish.

    I mostly use A LOT of Scheduled Transactions to keep track of rent due, renewal notices, lease renewals, etc. 

    I use a set of categories specifically for rental related income and expenses.

    I use tags to track each property. 

    I use category summary reports to generate reports for tax purposes filtered on those categories and tabulated by tags.

    These get me by.

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