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I am a Quicken Premier subscriber, and I tried to migrate from the latest Windows version to the latest Mac version. I did a super validate on my data file before I started, it was clean. The file has 30,406 transactions over about 13 years. The conversion appeared to go fine, I checked to logs and there was nothing much reported there. All my bank accounts had perfect balances. I have 22 mutual funds, and 14 of them had incorrect balances. While I can't say for sure, I *think* there may be only one problem - that sometimes BoughtX transactions convert properly, and sometimes they don't. 

When they work, I saw a BoughtX in Windows converted to two transactions, and Payment/Deposit and a Buy. When it did not work, there was just a Buy transaction, obviously throwing off the account balance. All, if not 99% of my Buy transactions came from the same bank account, so I am not sure why they work sometimes and many times they do not.

I also saw SoldX conversion errors in the same manner, I am not sure I saw any of these that worked properly.

I am not happy to just do a reconciling entry on the differences between the two versions of Quicken, because I don't know for sure if there are other errors that I have not yet seen, which would throw off reports, tax information, etc. I would like to see this conversion done properly with BoughtX/SoldX, and then I can see if all the balances match,

Now I have easily 200 of these transactions in Windows, so the old advice of "change those before you import" is not practical. If this is to going to be fixed I won't be using the Mac version. I would really like to do this, as soon I will not be using Windows at all, so if I can't use the Mac version I may have to find an alternative and not renew my subscription. Help!!

So my question is this - before I go any further in investigating the product, is this a known error that will be fixed? Thank you!


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    Yes it is a known problem that BuyX, SellX and RtnCapX transactions are not migrated correctly, as highlighted as one of the issues in migrating from QWin to QMac here:
    List of Obstacles and Hindrances for Migrating from QM2007 or QWin to Quicken for Mac
    as a request for the Ability to link accounts to brokerage accounts. 

    I suggest that you use "Report a Problem" under the Help Menu in Quicken to report this, which does get passed on directly to developers. In your submission, you may want to include a link to this thread for review and possible  response back (because you do not get direct feedback from the "Report a Problem" process).

    I would recommend that you do this from both QWin and QMac so that both development teams get this info. The more reports they get of this is, the greater chance it might get addressed.

    BTW, though 200 transactions seems like a lot, it might still be worth it to modify manually, as it may be a long while before this gets addressed, as it has been an issue for a very long time already.

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    I will do as you suggest, thanks @smayer97!
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    As a note, also in case the Quicken support reads this, I went through my whole portfolio, and it reconciles to the penny if the BuyX and SoldX transactions were handled properly. Some of them were too, it seems to matter where the transfer account comes from. This is pretty impressive, as it converted over 30,000 transactions with no hiccups otherwise!
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