Setting Up Employee Payroll

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I understand that Quicken is built for Sole Proprietors; that said, QB, Wave and other products don't fit our business model as well as Quicken.  We own LLCs taxed as S-Corps where my husband and I are the only members and transfer money quite a bit between accounts.  It would be a nightmare to do in another system without hiring a full time employee.  I am sure many others are at this same Catch-22 of being required to put  themselves on payroll and/or having a nominal number of employees.

I know there are several people that have Intuit or other payroll solutions (we use Gusto).  If this is you, how do you set up your structure to record everything appropriately in your COA/Categories?  I understand I can do it, but if someone has done it and could post, that would be great. :)
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