Just renewed to 2019, can't find "Skip" button!

I just installed 2019.  I've got my Bills page in Stack view.  There used to be a "Skip" button on the reminder that could be used to skip the payment if no amount is due.  I don't see that anymore.  So how do I skip a payment now?  (And why was this removed????)

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  • FYI for developers: "Skip" and "Ignore" don't mean the same thing.  "Skip" goes to the next thing.  "Ignore" doesn't; it means something more like, "Don't tell me about this again."
  • I 100% agree with you @rhiguera
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    Quicken fixing things that has worked for a very long time that doesn't need fixing?

    I suggest using "report a Problem" under the Help menu to have them change this back and add a link to this thread. If enough complain they may change it back.
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