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  • Speaking of 'Portfolio';  Whay would an entry 'cash' start to appear at the bottom of my personal list of stocks in market value order?
  • Jim_Harman
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    I assume you are referring to an Investing > Portfolio view grouped by Security.

    The "Cash" at the bottom of the list of securities is the total of the un-invested money in your investment accounts. If you group the view by account, you can see the cash balance in each account to see where this is coming from.

    If you don't want the value of the cash to be included in this view, you can click on Customize and on the Securities tab un-check "No security (includes cash)" 
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  • Tom Young
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    This is a somewhat recent change in the Portfolio view programmed by Quicken.  For decades cash never appeared in Portfolio view leaving users to wonder why the market value displayed on that view didn't match what they were seeing in the Account Bar.
  • Jim_Harman
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    @Tom Young is correct, until a year or so ago, there was no way to include the cash in investing accounts in a portfolio view grouped by Security. 

    It is a little annoying that when they fixed this, the Cash line appears in the view even if you have de-selected "No security (includes cash)" or the cash amount is zero. However I am hesitant to complain about this, for fear that the "fix" will re-introduce the original problem.
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