Is there a way to put my Quicken register in the cloud where it can be accessed in 2 locations?

I'm getting ready to be out of the office for several weeks and would like to be able to access my register or even print a check from home. Is there a way to keep the register in the cloud? I don't use any of the other functions other than an electronic check register and don't need the other functions. But it'd be great to be able to access the register from several locations with real time changes made to the account from any location. 
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    Possible? Yes. Recommended? No.

    You could save it to a web storage system like iCloud, Dropbox, etc. But, I have seen too many strange things happen (and reported here) to recommended accessing files when saved in these locations. 

    Saving a copy for backup to these locations, however, is fine. I personally suggest moving a copy of the file locally to the machine you will be using at that time.
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    Based on the level of access you are seeking, there are 3 alternatives you can consider:
    • you can sync Quicken to the cloud then access cash, bank, and credit card accounts via Quicken Web. 
    • If you have mobile devices (iOS or Android) , you can do the same and access the same data. Note that these 2 options are limited to sync 24 months plus new transactions.
    • use remote access software (several free options, e.g. NoMachine and Teamviewer) to access Quicken on one computer from the other, or even mobile devices (see this great article for complete review of many options (most are free): ). If both are Macs, the built-in Mac OS X screen-sharing may work for you too. The advantage of these solutions is that you retain access to all the features of Quicken, unlike Quicken Mobile. The trade-off is that the host computer cannot really be used for anything else while using Quicken with these remote solutions. 
    Note: be sure you have a good backup strategy because sometimes data can get corrupted in the first 2 scenarios.
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