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Initially, I created one file for our expenses. In the file I also included a guardianship account (incoming montly payments and expenses with a separate bank account). Now I think it is better if I have two separate files. One for me and my wife's account and one for the guardianship account. Is there a way to separate or break up the current file into two separate files? suppose the current file is names AndyG and I would break it into AndyG and Joseph. Any other suggestions will be appreciated as well.

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  • Andy_G
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    Excellent idea. Thanks.
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    Just be aware of any previous interaction between the guardianship account and your own account... like a [Transfer] or any other payment, etc -
    The side benefit of the Copy & Delete - is that any existing Category info or other Quicken config, reports, etc - are all intact in the newly copied file.

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    Sherlock said:
    One way to split the data files is to create a copy and then delete the appropriate accounts from each data file.  For example, you could create Joseph by selecting File > Save a copy as….
    You might want to follow up with a File | File Operations | Copy after all the deletions are performed. That will clean up the file and likely reduce the file size. 

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  • Andy_G
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    I separated one file into two. The second file is for guardianship account. In the old combined file all of Joseph's transactions were tagged 'Joseph', I have attached an image of Joseph's transaction. Do I still need to tag a column as Joseph? Any suggestions how people populate other column's heading. No accountant here!

  • Andy_G
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    Sorry, previous message did not have the attachment. Here it is.
  • Andy_G
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    That is a good idea as well. I am assuming that the reports can be sorted by each column heading, such as tags, categories, checks etc.
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