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  • Don Awalt
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    Thanks for all your work on this. I would like to mention, I have stopped using Mac and gone back to Quicken for Windows, mainly because of two big issues that I am surprised aren't being addressed - they seem to me to be bigger issues than some of the smaller features/items being addressed. I will keep tabs on the progress and hope to move to Mac one day if the problems can be addressed. The first is the lack of 'X' transactions - SoldX, for example, which in one transaction sells a stock and moves the money to another cash account, say a bank or money market. Not having this makes conversion of data from Windows virtually impossible to reconcile, and every day transactions are difficult to decipher if these kinds of transactions are done in real life. To take something that is a simple transaction in the real world and map it to two transactions is non-intuitive. 

    The second problem is auto categorization does not work. I have my own list of categories that I used on the Windows side and I have refined over many years. I deleted the stock categories on Mac because I don't use them and I didn't want to see them suggested. So as a result, auto categories never works. Again, it's too much work every day when transactions are downloaded. I tried, and it just wore me out.

    Both of these work perfectly on the Windows version, so someone at Quicken thought this was the right way to do things ;-)

    Other than that, Mac is making good progress, thanks. I hope to rejoin the team someday.
  • RovrAllOvr
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    edited March 2019
    All of a sudden after upgrade - my downloads (ALL) are no longer working.   I am on Mojave 10.14.4 with Quicken 5.11. No error messages on download  just plain doesn't work.  Very annoying.   Forget font sizes when main functionality isn't there.

    And to make it even MORE special - tried turning off and turning back on - and it isn't seeing all of my accounts per bank - (eg., sees checking and loan but not savings and my alternate tax account).   All of this was working before the upgrade.
  • RCinNJ
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    All of a sudden after upgrade - my downloads (ALL) are no longer working.   I am on Mojave 10.14.4 with Quicken 5.11. No error messages on download  just plain doesn't work.  Very annoying.   Forget font sizes when main functionality isn't there.
    RovrAllOvr it is unclear to me which upgrade you are referring to: Quicken or Mac OS? Quicken 5.11.0 has been out for a while so your experience is obviously not typical-- although connection problems are definitely a problem for some users and there is help to be had on this forum for figuring out and fixing it. I haven't been notified of the upgraded to Mohave 10.14.4, but I just checked and see it is available so it must have just been released. If the problem is caused by the most recent Mohave update then users should be warned, but your gripe could be with Apple. In any case, more info could lead to help.

  • LB522
    LB522 Member, Mac Beta Beta
    I upgraded to 10.14.4 and all works fine
  • Henry Benson
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    Thanks for implementing the Transfer Shares feature!  One problem though: after transferring the shares, the shares added to the destination account do not appear in the Portfolio.  The Add Shares transaction looks correct. I tried one at a time vs. all shares, changing the date, changing the number of shares, quitting/restarting Quicken, but no luck.  Any suggestions?  Thanks...
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Henry, check for the presence of a placeholder transaction as the first transaction in the account you transferred shares into. 
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  • Henry Benson
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    Thanks very much, that did it!!  That's an obscure one... ;-)  Seems like it was created in error.
  • dhwagner
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    I have the same problem. When I open Quicken Mac Deluxe 2019 v. 5.11.0, the checking account (Capital One) opens to November 6- December 3 2018. Today is April 1 2019. I want Quicken to open this account at the most recent transaction.
  • lhossus
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    IDEA: Quicken will pop up a notification whenever a placeholder transaction offsets the effect of a new or edited transaction.

    The notification would be tied to changes in the values of the placeholder transaction.

    This notification will be carefully crafted to make clear what it is trying to say and the actions that may be appropriate in response. Perhaps a link to in-program and/or online help explaining the use of placeholders would be part of the notification.
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  • Henry Benson
    Henry Benson Member ✭✭
    Good idea in general, but in the situation I described I think the creation of a placeholder transaction is a bug.  I added shares using the transfer mechanism, didn't want them to get zeroed out!
  • Jon10
    Jon10 Member ✭✭
    Any ideas on this issue?

    Basically, I'm starting to not trust the integrity of the data.
    I know some users have other concerns (fonts/sizes), because they don't seem to be having these kinds of problems, but data integrity really is at the heart of the application... Without it, nothing else matters.

  • AJB211
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    This version is very slow to open, update accounts or close. Same thing on a previous update which took you two more revisions to correct. Please speed it up. Never had this problem with Windows version updates.
  • Concordman
    Concordman Mac Beta Beta
    What do you consider to be slow? Give us some sort of time reference
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @AJB211 I haven't experienced this with my reasonably large data file, and I haven't seen other users experiencing this. I had always complained about slow launch times, but they finally made a major fix for this last year. Just to confirm, are you running Quicken Mac version 5.11.0?

    One other quick thing to check: if you pull down the Window menu, are there any windows open other than the main one? If so, could you try closing them, quitting Quicken, and then re-launching? There are a few reports and screens which can be slow to load, and if they are open behind your main window, they could be making your Quicken seem very sluggish.
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  • Bettycru
    Bettycru Member ✭✭
    I have Mojave 10.14.4 and Quicken Starter 2019.   As of last week, the deposits are not listed in the register.  The balance is correct but no deposits.  Any suggestions?
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Bettycru It sounds like you have something not set up to display correctly in your register. At the top of your register screen, there are three tabs or buttons: Transactions, Spending, and Income. Are you clicked on Transactions? If you are clicked on Spending, then it makes sense why no deposits would show up. From your limited description, this seems most likely.

    If that's not it, are you seeing the deposits as lines in your register, but not the amounts on the right side? What column or columns do you have to show the amounts of transactions -- do you have a single Amount column, which would show money in and out, or do you have a column called Payment, which just shows money out? If the latter, click on the Columns icon at the bottom right of the screen, and check the one for Deposit; that will show a column for all money into the account.
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  • Concordman
    Concordman Mac Beta Beta
    Something else to consider in the register screen is the clear filter function ; to clear the filter simply click on the clear filter button.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Good point @Concordman (although I'm guessing that isn't the problem @Bettycru is having). 

    For clarity here, the Clear Filters button only appears if you have a filter set: 

    In this case, I have the dates filtered to This Month. If I click the Clear Filters Button, or change the date pulldown to All Dates, the Clear Filters button will disappear, signifying there are no filters.
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  • Bettycru
    Bettycru Member ✭✭
    The columns I have checked are: Dates, Payee, Category, Deposits, Amount, Balance.  The only way I know a deposit has been made is by the change in the balance.  There are absolutely nothng indicating a deposit has been made in the whole register.  I have tried clearing filters, but since I don't have any that had no affect.  I have tried resetting defaults - nothing there either.  I had deposits showing up to the last Quicken update, then all deposits were wiped out.  Really stumped.
  • Bettycru
    Bettycru Member ✭✭
    Thank you all for answering my problem.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You really should be using the Amount column OR the (Payment AND Deposit) but not both. The Payment/Deposit columns together are redundant of the Amount column. As you see in the example below, if there's an amount in the Deposit column (which always shows as a positive number) it will be shown as a green positive number in the Amount column (200 in this case). If there's an amount in the Payment column (also always shown as a positive number), then the same will be in the Amount column in black with a minus sign. 

    You indicate that you have Deposit and Amount showing, but not Payment. What happens if you also add the Payment column to the register? 
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @toodiesdad The product manager has said we'll see changes in this area soon... but we don't know exactly when that will be.
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  • denisekloss
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    I just started using the new version for Mac 5.11.0. Unfortunately I found a software glitch and was told by tech support they have had a number of complaints about the same issue so I am surprised no discussions are related to this topic. The glitch is a mathematical error when you create a budget.

    The two areas I have found math errors are with the actual amount spent (this is consistently off by $1.00) and with the budgeted amount which is off by $13.00. After re-checking my math several times I had the tech support gal check the math and   she too arrived at the same conclusion the quicken calculated $13 more for the total of the budgeted catagories. As a result, all subsequent calculations which use these figures are incorrect as well. The sole reason I use quicken is strictly to track my budget and currently the erroneous data makes tracking useless. Please fix this as soon as possible. I hope to hear back to know this is being addressed.

  • DON63
    DON63 Member ✭✭
    Today we released Quicken for Mac v5.11.  There are 3 new features to check out.  1) You can now change the register font size.  We had a great discussion in the v5.10 release forum post about the register font text and how some preferred the old Helvetica Neue font vs the System Font.  Someone also mentioned they would still like be able to change the font size and that for many of us getting older, the current font was too small. Quicken Chris looked into it and added the feature.  We kept it simple so we could add it in this release.  Try it out and let us know what you think. 2) We added the ability to Transfer Share from one investment account to another one.  Some would do this when they close an account and move the shares to a different brokerage.  This feature will automatically create the remove and add share transactions in the different accounts with the primary goal of preserving the cost basis on the shares. 3) We added a summary report time interval of None so you don't have to look at things weekly or yearly, etc.  This wasn't possible before.  As always, we'll be monitoring this post for bug reports and issues so please comment here so we can see if there are problems with this release. 

    The Quicken Mac Team

    Release Notes

    Version 5.11.0 (March)
    5.11 adds a number of long requested features and improves stability across the product.

    New Features - Change register text size and transfer shares

    • NEW - In 5.11, we've added a way to customize the register text size and row height. Under the View menu, click on Register Text & Row Settings to change the text size. Making the text larger will make it easier to read. Making the text smaller will allow you to squeeze more information on the screen at a time. Previously row height was in the View menu but now we've added it to this same window, so you can make all the changes at once. While viewing the register, use CMD + or - to immediately grow or shrink the register text size. This change only affects the text used in the register rows and does not affect the text labels in the register forms or other parts of the application such as the Account sidebar.
    • NEW - Also in 5.11, we've added a new feature that allows you to transfer one security or all your securities from one account to another. By using this feature, Quicken will automatically create Remove and Add Share transactions in the respective accounts and maintain the cost basis information from one account to the other. Add a transaction as you normally would in your investment account and select Transfer Shares in the transaction type to start the process or click on the Transfer Shares button in the Remove Shares form.
    • NEW - 5.11 also improves reports. Under Summary Reports, there's a new None time interval. Selecting None uses the time interval defined in the customize report window as the basis of your summary report.
    • NEW - Added the ability to open an account in a standalone window from the thin sidebar. Click the Account menu, hold down the CMD key, and then select an account.
    • NEW - Added a My Quicken Account menu item under Help to be able to quickly view and edit one's Quicken account information.

    Quality Improvements

    • FIXED - Fixed the Help : Quicken Community menu item so it goes to the new Quicken for Mac forum page.
    • FIXED - Fixed the new thin sidebar account list menu so that it updates correctly when accounts are added, removed or changed.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue that could cause the space between the portfolio view column headers and security detail to grow with quote updates.
    • FIXED - Fixed an account connectivity issue that prevented PIN reset messages from the bank displaying to customers.
    • FIXED - Fixed an issue where loans would sometimes show the wrong next payment date.
    • FIXED - Fixed a number of issues that could cause the application to crash.
    I have found that opening, closing and saving data has become slower and slower. Is anything being done to correct this issue?
  • BeauSoleilGT
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    AJB211 said:
    The new version runs very slow. Had this problem maybe 5 updates ago which was correct ted now it is back with V5.11. what's the fix
       My experiments concerning Quicken running objectionably slow is that stock Portfolios will bog the program down markedly IF you have any of the accounts in Portfolio view, especially in proportion to the number of different holdings (i.e. stocks) in that portfolio.
      My short term work around is to change all my individual accounts to Register view and ensure none are in Portfolio view and only change a view into Portfolio view temporarily when I need the info. Following this advice, I find that Quicken runs very quickly... at least on my 2012 MBP 15 Unibody with 16gb RAM and a 1tb solid state hard drive running macOS 10.14.5 Mojave.
       My suggestion to Quicken's programmers for a medium term solution to this slow down problem is change Quicken to not continuously update stock prices when any window is in Portfolio view unless the user clicks an Update button on the window in Portfolio view or enables a "enable continuous portfolio updates" in user preference settings.
  • Elrond
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    How many more months before we see a new release with at least some incremental improvement in the program?  Been at 5.11 for some time now.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Elrond It's been just shy of three months since the latest upgrade: 5.11 was released on March 7, so the end of next week will mark three months. That's a bit longer than normal between upgrades -- but not by a huge amount.

    The product manager has stated that they're working on some pretty big things that have been widely requested by users, so in all likelihood, one or more of those new features will appear in the next release. The exact timing of update releases is always fluid because there can be a glitch late in development, or some bugs can be uncovered during testing, that push back the schedule by a few weeks. Still, past patterns would predict that a new release will be forthcoming fairly soon.
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  • Elrond
    Elrond Member ✭✭
    "The product manager has stated that they're working on some pretty big things that have been widely requested by users, so in all likelihood, one or more of those new features will appear in the next release."

    I hope that is the case. Keeping my fingers crossed that Savings Goals Accounts get implemented soon. That would finally let me migrate and quit running QWin 2012 in a VM.
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