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I have been a Quicken user for as long as quicken has been around.  I use Quicken for Windows latest version in Parallels on a Mac.  I downloaded the latest version of Quicken for Mac and I want to use it.  However, is Quicken for Mac as robust as Quicken for Windows?  Also, the conversion from Windows to Mac says it won't transfer online transactions.  How do I delete these online transactions in Windows?

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    Here's the features/functions of the 2 products.  So, you can decide for yourself: https://www.quicken.com/compare

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    You can run both the QWin and QMac versions side-by-side on your system. Each version has its' own datafile and you will have to update/maintain each version independently.
    Try it and then you can decide for yourself whether QMac meets your needs. This is also an ideal mode to run in while you progress up the learning curve of QMac - you still have your old familiar QWin at hand. 

    FWIW, I have been running in this mode for several years now and QMac is very close to satisfying my needs.
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    @jamiejav Quicken Mac is substantially different from Quicken Windows. You ask if it's as "robust", but that question could be answered many different ways: the database in Quicken Mac is probably more robust (e.g. reliable) than the one in Quicken Windows; the overall feature set of Quicken Mac is less robust than Quicken Windows.

    No one can answer the question of whether Quicken Mac will meet your needs but you; we all use Quicken differently and depend on different aspects of the program, so what's a show-stopper missing feature to one of us is something someone else never uses and therefore doesn't miss. That's why doing what @J_Mike suggested is the best way for you to answer your own questions: try it, give it a little time to learn it, ask questions about things you don't understand, and then make a decision whether it is what you want to use going forward.
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    I use the Quicken for windows home and business.  Does Mac version do the same?
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