can the color of future transactions in a register be changed?

Can the color of future transactions in a register be changed? (looking for greater contrast between historical vs. future transactions).

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  • NotACPA
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    Have you explored EDIT, Preferences, Colors ... to see if there's anything that you like better?

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  • cawatson22
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    Yes, but it does not seem to offer any change for historical versus future transactions
  • splasher
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    If the register is sorted by Date, future transactions are below the blue line.

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  • Snowman
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    You can also have reconciled transactions "greyed out".  Edit > Preferences, select Register in the left column and set the option in the right column, click OK.
  • UKR
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    In my Checking account register, I'm currently using this color scheme rather than the default light blue for Spending accounts:
    Sorry, but you cannot change the color of future dated transactions in your register (the ones below the blue line), but you can change the colors of the historical transactions.
    If that works for you as an alternative, please follow @NotACPA 's advice to change register colors.
  • GeoffG
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    Never noticed before, but the banding below the blue line also is muted.
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