Conversion from Quicken Mac 2007 to Quicken for Mac Deluxe 2019 v5.11

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I recently purchased Quicken for Mac Deluxe 2019. The conversion of my Quicken Mac 2007 files went smoothly.  However, my accounts had a mixture of taxable and non-taxable (IRA) securities.  The conversion process did not preserve the categories of non-taxable income for dividends, interest, long/short capital gains in the transaction registers.  Instead there appears to be only one category for those types of income.  Was this intentional and if so why?  Also, on the securities detail screen, checking the box Tax Free seems to have no impact that I can see.  Please explain.

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    Hello Dgsimm,

    What types are the transactions that are missing the category?

    In the 2019 version, the only investment 'Type' transaction that can have a category is the Payment/Deposit type.

    As seen below, all other transaction 'Types' don't have the ability to have a category.

    This is most likely why the categories are now missing.  The only way to change this is to change the type to a Payment/Deposit and give the transaction the desired category.

    Selecting whether or not a security is Tax-free will determine whether or not it's shown on the Tax Schedule Report.  If selected to be Tax-Free this will not show in any way on the Tax Schedule Report.

    Hopefully, this clarified some things, let us know if you have any other questions!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • dgsimm
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    Thanks everyone for your comments.  My initial inquiry was simply to get an explanation for why the conversion process worked as demonstrated in the attached examples.  The lower report shows sample transactions in Quicken 2007.  Notice the category is Div Income NT.  After conversion to Quicken 2019 the same transactions show below:

    So in retrospect, I should have never mixed taxable and "currently non-taxable" securities in the same account.  With the new feature in V5.11, I have removed the IRA securities and transferred them to new Retirement Accounts, which I believe is in line with the recommendations some of you have made above.  That should clarify things going forward, but unfortunately the transaction history still resides in the "comingled" account and thus the Tax Schedule report for 2018 shows the dividends for the IRA securities since they were not in a Retirement Account during that time period.
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