Converting from 2004 File (Q Mac)

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I'm sure this has been brought up previously, and I did see a few similar questions/answers.....Just spoke with Quicken Support and it does not seem like I can convert my Quicken 2004 file to a new version without first converting that file to a 2007 version. And then, take that file and converting it to the latest 2019 edition. Is this accurate? My iMac just died 2 days ago with my last Quicken backup March 3rd. I have the hard drive and found the Quicken.qdfm file with the last back up, but have no way to open it, or converting it to the new software. 
Please, any help and/or suggestions are welcome! Amazon is selling a 2007 Quicken for over $180. That's nuts. 

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    Thanks for the feedback! 
    Looking into all options listed.
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