How do I create a calendar 'income reminder' that creates a DivX investment transaction?

I use income reminders (calendar function) to estimate anticipated dividend income that will be deposited to a checking account.  (cashflow!)  Unfortunately, when I *ENTER* my calendar reminder as paid, it does not create the desired DivX (dividend income) transaction.  

The option of creating "transfer reminders" (calendar function) does not fulfill my goal.  I am not transferring existing investment money into checking. 

How do I create a calendar reminder for DivX income?

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    I'm confused, because a DivX transaction is a transfer, by definition.  That's what the X indicates.  A non-transfer Dividend transaction would be simply a DIV.
    SO, perhaps do you have a checking account set up to hold your cash transactions in your brokerage account? That would result in a DivX from the brokerage account to the checking account.
    ALSO, I think you've got the process backwards.  Normally, one creates and then memorizes the transaction (DivX in your case).  Investment transactions don't appear in the Calendar ... but rather in the Bills and Income Reminders section, when that option is selected for the calendar.
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