How to setup/treat exchange rates in reports

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Ok, so this is because I think I have a little bit of an OCD and I hate when numbers do not match.

I run a monthly net worth report (simplified, only for liquid assets) and a monthly income vs expenses.

The monthly net of the income vs expenses should match the monthly difference in the net worth.

In my case, some months it does. Sometimes it doesn't.

I have been able to pinpoint the issue: I am using multi currency. Most of my income and expenses are in $, but I have small income and expenses in EUR.

So it happens that exchange applied to transactions (in the income vs expenses report) is different than the exchange applied to balances (in the net worth report).

It is small amounts and my brain is telling me that it is peanuts and I should not be worried about it.
But my heart is yelling and my eyes are bleeding each time I see it does not match and I need to find a solution.

I have thought about:
1) separating the reports by currency, but I would love to see the whole picture in only one set of reports.
2) setup the exchange rate at the beginning of the year and don't touch it. Unrealistic, and it cannot be done as sometimes I have transfers between accounts and I have to go by the exchange rate applied by banks.

Anybody in the same boat? any suggestion?

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