Zero Shares After Sale, Show As Negative In Investing Portfolio Holdings

My broker sold all shares of a stock during this past month and Quicken recorded the sale in the register, bringing the shares owned to zero. I confirmed this by attempting to sell shares of this stock and was told there are no shares to sell. However, the Investing Portfolio Holdings screen still shows that stock with the number of shares being the exact amount sold, but as a negative number. The Market Value is also a negative number, again the exact amount I received from the sale. This has never happened before in the nearly thirty years I've been using Quicken Premier.

Is this a bug within Quicken, or is it something I can resolve locally?

My version is R18.15, build


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    Is the "portfolio list" you refer to an Investing > Portfolio view, the Account Overview that is displayed when you click on Holdings in the account, or something else?
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    I suspect you may have a placeholder transaction to delete.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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    Thank you for your reply. However I do not have any Placeholders.

    There were sales in two other portfolios at this same time, but this issue occurred in only one portfolio (account).

    I seem to remember from years ago there was a function similar to an audit of all transactions that would locate and correct incorrect entries and/or calculations. The term "verify" comes to mind. Does something like this still exist?
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    Issue resolved. Incorrect share name had been entered with the sale transaction.

    There had been a share swap (name change) a few months earlier for this holding. When the sell transaction was downloaded, Quicken selected the old name to associate with the transaction. No idea why because the name is different by one letter, the symbol by one letter, and the cusip by one digit.

    I guess this will remain one of life's mysteries within the world of computers. LOL

    Thanks for your help.
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