When recording "Reinvested dividends" there is no default stock

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In previous versions of Quicken, you'd record a reinvested dividend - enter the date, pick the stock from the drop-down, enter the amounts etc. You'd hit Enter/New button at the bottom and the dialog box would clear, but would keep the selected transaction type, date and stock. With the new version, the transaction type is kept, as well as the date, but the stock is cleared.

When recording from a quarterly statement, it would be MUCH easier if the previously selected stock remains with the ability to change the selection.

This was a change from Quicken 2017 behavior.

How do we re-implement the old behavior?


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  • Dave22
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    Interesting - I'd never noticed that the list became filtered. I still have Q 2016 on my laptop and the filtering behavior is there too. It appears, however, to still work that same way in the current version (Quicken Premier 2019).

    I appreciate your answering my query; if you don't mind, I'm not marking it as THE answer yet so the thread doesn't get closed just yet.

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    Thank you.
    I've been using QW since 1994 and I never realized what a wealth of information is available here. Now I learned that it's a "contains" type search.
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