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I track 8 accounts in one Quicken file; Personal Checking, Savings, and Credit Cards for my wife and I, which makes 6 accounts.  The two extra are our Joint Savings and Joint Checking.  I would like to know how to link up separate Quicken files.  I'd like to make three different Quicken files, one for each Individual and one for the Joint accounts.  That way each file would be able to differentiate its spending without having to create infinite sub-categories; like when we buys shoes.  The trick comes in when the Joint Acct. is where we track out bills, food, and miscellaneous joint expenses.  We transfer money into the Joint Checking based on the Joint Account's budget.

I tried creating a new file with just my own accounts, but could not quickly switch between the different files.

I thought that there might have been a way to have certain transactions not show up in the different budgets by separating them into different Quicken files, but I don't think there would be a way to properly account for transferring funds around.

I feel like I wish I knew a Quicken expert next door.

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    Hello Rogi,

    When creating a new Quicken file, this file is separate from the other Quicken files and cannot be linked to one another.

    You can create more than one budget in a file but accounts can't be removed from the budget at this time.

    I have included a handful of articles that explain how the budget works.

    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Tyka
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