Reporting on investments

Is there a report, that will tell me in basic terms, how much i have invested (per account or over all portfolio) , how much i have earned, (in interest, long/short dividends) the current value of each stock and the costs (trade costs, management costs etc)

trying to see if my broker is making more money than me!!



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    How do you expect to get "management costs"?  Is that a specific fee that your broker charges for the account?  And, if so, find another brokerage firm ... I use Fidelity Investments and there are NO account management fees.
    The other info that you seek is available in the various Investment reports, although perhaps not in a single report.

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    I think your best be would be to customize an Investing Portfolio view. You can print these if you want, and you can choose which columns to include and organize by security or by account. You can also set the starting date and "as of" date. Suggested columns for what you want - experiment to see what works best fro your needs:

    Amount I have invested = Cost Basis
    How much I have earned = Income
    Current value = Market value
    Costs = (sorry, no column for that)
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