Diiference of account balance from networth report and correct value showing in left col. acct.

At end of month, I get a significant incorrect balance in one account when looking at net worth report, compared to correct value showing in left column account list.  No errors in stock price when checking price history.  It seams to resolve itself when new month starts. All my other accounts display correctly.


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello dlpjm,

    Is the account bar set to show either Current Value or Ending Value? Please right-click on the account bar area to verify which is selected. 

    Does the investment account contain a linked checking account?

    How do these values compare to the portfolio value of the account in question?

    Please let us know!
  • dlpjm
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    Account bar is set to reflect current value. Account has a cash part but " show cash as a checking account "  is not selected in account details.  Both account values update when updating prices but are significantly apart. Value in account bar is correct.
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    In the Net Worth report, click on the gear at the top right and make sure all of your securities are selected, including any hidden ones and "No security (includes cash)"

    Also on the Display options tab you can select Account Detail and compare the holdings in the report to actual holdings in the account. This may help you track down the discrepancy.

    Also you don't say what version of Quicken you are running. In QWin 2018 there was a problem with this report when there were cash transactions in an investing account that were split between multiple categories. This was fixed in QWin 2018/2019 but I don't know if it was present or fixed in earlier versions. 
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  • dlpjm
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    All securities are selected, my accounts also show a cash value at bottom and that value is correct.  Home Business and Rental subscription 2019 R18.16 Build  Good suggestion to check account detail in net worth. Some values are correct, some securities are showing the value that is in the gains column, others I don't know where the values are coming from. I have the same securities in other accounts and they display correctly in Net worth.  I had already checked the quote values and found no anomalies. I have this problem over the years in this account and usually resolves itself after new month starts.  No problem with any other accounts.

  • dlpjm
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    As in the past, once new month started, net worth value for troubled account matched correct value. Can find no reason why this occurs.  I see no pending transactions.  For that account it just seems to value securities in a random way, some security values are correct, some match the gain value instead current value, and others I do know where value is coming from.  Again, this occurs at end of month and resolves itself once new month starts. 
  • UKR
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    Is it possible that you have securities with downloaded price quotes dated in the future? There once was a bug ...
    Performing Step (2) of this procedure should ferret them out so you can clean up your price history.

  • dlpjm
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    Thank you for your response.  I have seen that in the past.  I checked every security for this before I posted my problem.  I also have the same securities in other accounts and the problem does not exist in those accounts.  As in the past, once the first day of month occurs,like today, account balance in net worth resolves itself to reflect the same value as shown in left column account list. 
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