using quicken 2007 with Mojave (MAC)

I am currently using Quicken 2007 just for banking entries and High Sierra DOS (MAC) cna I continue to use Quicken 2007 if I upgrade to Mojave?


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    In a word: yes.

    Caveats: Automated Quicken backups do not work on any hard drive formatted in the APFS format, and almost all computers running Mojave will have drives formatted in this format. So you need to turn off automatic backups in Quicken 2007 Preferences and insure that you are making backup copies of your data file manually (and ideally backing them up to Time Machine or other backup services).

    If you're interested, you can read a long thread about Quicken 2007 compatibility on Mojave here

    You should be aware that you will NOT be able to upgrade your macOS past Mojave, as the next macOS upgrade coming this fall will not be able to run Quicken 2007. At that point, your options will be to stay with Mojave or to install some virtual machine software so that you can run an older macOS inside your newer macOS.
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