Integrated tool for the mileage control of my vehicles

It would be very useful to have an integrated-native tool to record the mileage of my cars by allowing to enter the odometer and the number of liters. Every time I register a gas invoice I tag it to each car. Right there, it should be possible to add the odometer and liters and get the performance in return. 


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    A similar tool already exists in Quicken: "Mileage Tracker".
    But it requires the Home & Business edition.
    And it is meant primarily for recording tax-deductible mileage in accordance with US tax law, for business, medical or charitable purposes.
    It is not a statistical tool to calculate and track miles/gallon (or liters/100km).
    For tracking my own car's gas mileage I have been using a separate Excel spreadsheet for years. The original version of this spreadsheet was downloaded from a library of sample spreadsheets provided by Microsoft.
  • Satelito
    Satelito Member
    Thanks for your comments Mr. UKR, I also do use a separate Excel SS. I´m just trying to simplify my life and do both things in one place. I use de Deluxe version of Qk. 

  • smayer97
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    A work-around is to create 2 categories... one for mileage, that is used and entered with each gas purchase, the other to enter an offset (negative) mileage, so the net of the transaction purchase remains unchanged.

    By using those, you can create a report that tallies all the mileage.
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  • Satelito
    Satelito Member
    Thanks, Smayer97 for your nice idea, I'll look into it. But my main concern is to simplify control.   
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