My Quicken "Account Balances" graph does not show a bar for Credit cards

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The line-by-line report is all good, showing all account balances including credit card negative balances.   However the bar graph does not show a bar for credit.  A color is specified in the legend for the missing bar.  Also, the values indicated by the bars and the total value indicated by hovering over the red dot are all correct.  Is the missing credit card bar a bug, or have I missed a switch somewhere? 

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I assume you are looking at the Reports > Account Balances report/graph.

    Perhaps you are in the fortunate position that the negative credit card balance is swamped by the positive balances in your other accounts. Try customizing the report so that it includes just the credit card accounts and one savings or checking account.
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  • break80
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    Sherlock, when I choose only credit for the report, the credit balance bar shows up.  However, when I add bank accounts to the report, the bank account bar shows up but the credit card does not.  Again, the legend indicates a color, and the report is just fine.
  • break80
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    Jim, I tried that, and you are correct!  :) Thanks very much.
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    From C. D. Bales:
    " ... when I choose only credit for the report, the credit balance bar shows up.  However, when I add bank accounts to the report, the bank account bar shows up but the credit card does not."

    I think there is a problem with this graph - though so far my tests indicate it is a relatively small problem - that of using an incorrect color for Credit Card Accounts. Which color is used seems to depend on the types of the accounts selected, but at no time do I see the credit card bar using the color designated for credit cards in the graph legend. Some, non-exhaustive, examples follow.

    [I only tested with "normal" credit card balances.]

    When I choose only credit card accounts in the Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Account Balances graph, the graph is correct insofar as the position and value of the bar (below the $0.00 line with a value that is the total of all selected credit card debt). But the color of the bar is the color assigned in the legend to Bank Accounts. 

    [Hovering on what appears to be the Banking bar displays "Credit Card Accounts for mm/dd/yy $n.nn" - and the displayed date and dollar amount are correct. It's just the bar color that is incorrect.]

    Including an asset (Banking) account changes the graph: the asset account balance appears above the $0.00 line with the correct amount and in the correct color. But, while the credit card balance appears below the $0.00 line and shows the correct amount ... its color is still wrong (it now has the color of "Cash Accounts").

    [Even when only liability accounts are selected for the graph: if the amount of non-credit card liability is great enough, there may appear to be no bar for the credit card accounts as its small relative size may make it nearly invisible. Hiding the report may provide a bit more visibility for such small bars in the graph. In any event, even when the credit card bar is clearly visible here, it is in the wrong color (Bank Accounts, again).]

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